DAY & NIGHT – Pleated Shoulder Bag




Creating a bag that works for both day and night parties has to be eye-catching without being overly dazzling. The designer uses beige and grey polyester ropes to crochet the bag body, adding various metal elements to the details, such as metal folds on the bag body, sparkling straps and buckles, and metal hook webbing… Don't underestimate these details, it is making the ordinary appear extraordinary, and it is an indispensable day and night bag for everyone. * Polyester and Metallic Rope * Polyester Lining * Drawstring closure * Measurement: 31cm x 35cm x 5cm * Crochet Metal Chain: 25cm drop * Color: Beige Gold & Grey Silver

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晝夜系列- 百摺肩背包


  • 金屬繩編織盒31cm x 35cm x 5cm
  • 配色聚脂纖維布內裡
  • 索繩開關
  • 鈎織金屬鍊,中高25cm
  • 顏色:米金色 / 灰銀色



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