DESERTS - Sahara Hobo




New edition style to the" desert collection". The uniqueness of this Sahara style is that our designer uses only half of the rattan basket to create this bag. It has a flat back which you may request for a small pocket sew at the back. There is also a demi-lune half moon crochet cover, adding a bit of color to the whole outlook of the bag, as if it was a decorative blanket on a camel's back. * Rattan Woven Body with Leather Back panel * Tie dyed crochet ribbon Flap with Hidden snap closure * Polyester Lining * Measurement: 23cm x 13cm x 7.5cm * Macramé Woven Strap: 51cm drop * Color: Brown Comb / Purple Comb / Blue Comb / Orange Comb * This product come with woven strap, change the length or brown leather straps, pls specify on order

Maklumat produk

沙漠風情 - 撒哈拉籐籃


  • 籐料編織盒 23cm x 13cm x 7cm
  • 自然色聚脂纖維布內裡
  • 段染絲帶鉤織蓋頭+磁鈕開關
  • 編織肩帶,中高51cm 
  • 顏色:棕色組合 / 紫色組合 / 藍色組合 / 橙色組合 
  • 這產品是配編織肩帶, 要求更改長度或棕色皮帶, 請在訂單上註明

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