PINK RATTAN - Mini Wicker Bucket



Pink rattan is quite rare in the market because it involves several attempts to dye the natural rattan to a rosy color. This Mini Wicker Bucket is very cute and functional. Complete with a logo-embellished tag, the bag can be styled on the shoulder with the included crossbody strap or handheld. The colorful printed lining and drawstring closure bring out the fantasy of Pink Rattan Series. * Pink Rattan Bucket * Printed Canvas Lining with Drawstring Closure * Measurement : 13cm x 14.5cm x 10cm * PU Handle : 9cm drop * Macramé Detachable Shoulder Strap 40cm drop * Colors: Pink


粉紅系列 - 迷你小籐籃

粉色藤條在市場上非常罕見,因為它需要多次重複多次染色而成。由于粉紅色很受少女喜愛, 特別編一個迷你版小籐籃, 仍保存手拿或斜肩結構, 再配搭田園印花裡布及索口布,  非常可愛, 俗語所謂麻雀雖小, 五臟俱合來形容它, 十分恰當。 


  • 籐籃身13cm x 14.5cm x 10cm
  • 印花帆布索口袋開關
  • 仿皮手挽: 9cm中高
  • 可移除編織肩帶40cm中高
  • 顏色: 粉紅