RATTAN - Bohemian Wicker Bag




This is the perfect classic statement bag that fits for every occasion. The combination of a natural rattan body matches with macramé cotton strap. It also features an amazing hand weaved macramé strap for crossbody or to carry on one shoulder. It’s so unique and distinctive that it could be considered as a piece of art. Different techniques were used to create this bag, a special interlocking structure, where the front of the rattan body is slightly woven and concave, with the arc-shaped design on the side of the bag, while the strap is hand-knotted to complete the bohemian look. * Rattan Woven Body & Flap * Genius Cow Leather Handles * Macramé detachable strap * Polyester Lining with Mag snap closure * Measurement: 19cm x 16.5cm x 9cm * Adjustable Strap: 46-48cm drop * Handles: 7cm drop * Color: Natural White / Natural Navy


波西米亞風格 - 盒子形籐袋

籐編系列又一經典的設計,盒和蓋子運用門鉸概念,編成凹凸互扣結構,再用一根特制鉄棒串連起來; 而藤身前幅稍微編織凹陷,配合側圍弧型設計,不規則中見規矩,是難度很高的藤編款式。肩帶仍保留繩結工藝的設計,兩邊加上皮貼,除了調節作用,跟T型皮革有著一致性。設計師以白色和深藍配搭籐自然色,襯了波西米亞的自由浪漫和嬉皮風格衣著,非常跳脱,更顯氣質。

  • 長方型籐料編織籃: 19cm x 16.5cm x 9cm
  • 聚脂纖維內裡
  • 磁鈕開關
  • 棉繩編織肩帶,中高46-48cm
  • 藤手挽: 中高7cm
  • 顏色:自然色配白色 / 自然色配深藍