URBAN STYLE – Zip Backpack




Tote and Backpack are the most popular urban bag styles. Our crochet shells in subtle colors perfectly matching your daily outfit. The gold zipper at top and front pocket plus golden hardware highlighted our backpack. The shell looked small, but it can accommodate all your daily necessities including a bottle of drink. * Polyester Crochet Body with front pocket * Genius Cow Leather Shoulder Strap * Polyester Lining with open pocket * Measurement:20cm x 23cm x 9cm * Shoulder Strap :Adjustable 26-30cm length * Color: Navy / Ocean / Forest

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拉鍊小背包 外殼鈎工緊密,三個穩重顏色,在金色拉錬襯托下,使人眼前一亮,加上這個包包非常實用,很易襯衫,是城市人很常用的背包款. Zip Backpack外型雖小,但容量空間相當多,除日常必需品外,仍可放多一瓶水。

  • 混紡纖維繩鈎織袋 20cm x 23cm x 9cm
  • 聚脂纖維繩鈎織拉鍊前袋
  • 配色聚脂纖維布內裡
  • 頂口金色拉鍊開關
  • 黑色皮雙揹帶,長度可調節26-30cm
  • 顏色: 深藍 / 海藍 / 綠林

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