VINTAGE – Wild Bucket




The wire framework forms a bucket shape. The antique color cord weaves along the frame with imitative leather straps. The design used tropical rainforest as the main color tone for a bucket that looked vintage. The drawstring top closure is user-friendly and secure, which used to be the characteristics of most bucket bags. * Refined Cotton Cord & Imitative leather woven Body * Polyester Lining & Drawstring Closure * Body Measurement: 12cm x 12cm x 14.5cm * Imitative Leather Strap adjustable from 56 to 61cm drop * Color: Tropical Forest / Maple


復古系列 - 小圓桶

這款利用鐵枝燒焊成圓桶枝架,然後用精棉彩繩繞著仿皮編織,整個圓桶以大自然雨林顏色為主調,予人一種復古味道;袋口索布是圓桶特色結構, 既易用又安全。

  • 精棉彩繩+仿皮籃身12cm x 12cm x 14.5cm
  • 聚脂纖維襯裡及索口袋開關
  • 仿皮肩帶, 可調節中高由56cm至61cm
  • 顏色: 雨林, 楓樹