WOVEN LEATHER - Causal Crossbody Bag




Woven Leather is the finest in terms of quality, functionality and simplicity. This flap backpack showcases Edlyn's challenging craftsmanship. Plain weave, twill weave, and braid are all used in one. * Genuine Leather Body * Polyester Lining * Mag Snap Leather Flap Closure * Body Measurement: 15.5cm x 19cm x 2.5cm * Leather Adjustable Strap 46 to 56cm drop * Colors: Coffee Bean / Blueberry / Matcha * Pre-Order ONLY. Delivery within 3 weeks

Product Details

織皮 - 休閒斜肩包

織皮手袋是奢華工藝品, 精細工藝,是一門專業。選材至製作、 剪裁、  縫合、 到組裝, 每一個步驟都是挑戰編者工藝;普遍都以一幅皮革剪裁,但 Edlyn的設計師大膽將皮革裁成皮條, 再作編織。除了優雅型,亦有文青風的設計。色調簡單,能為你的穿搭作點綴。休閒斜肩包用簡約編織法, 後幅加配皮咭套, 完全能展現個人文藝性格。


  • 真皮編織籃身15.5cm x 19cm x 2.5cm
  • 聚脂纖維襯裡
  • 皮蓋喼鈕開関
  • 皮肩帶:可調節由46cm至56cm中高; 
  • 顏色: 咖啡豆 / 藍莓 / 抹茶
  • 此商品是每個訂製,交貨期約3星期

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