WOVEN LEATHER - Messenger Crossbody Bag




Woven Leather is the finest in terms of quality, functionality and simplicity. This bag showcases Edlyn's challenging craftsmanship - Weaving the weft and the wrap of leather stripes through braided leather on 3D molds. The leather weave interlacing together made our woven bag super eminent. * Genius Leather Body, Strap & Flap * Polyester Lining * Leather strap with metal lock Closure * Body Measurement: 30.5cm x 25cm x 9.5cm * Polyester Cord Strap: Adjustable from 36cm to 64cm drop * Colors: Espresso / Blue Mountain / Forest * Pre-Order ONLY. Delivery within 3 weeks

Product Details

織皮 - 郵差肩背包

織皮袋是編織品中最優質系列,從選材至製作的每一個步驟,都是挑戰編者工藝;設計師大膽結合不同的編織法於一個包包上,除外觀好看外,每個編織法都各具功能, 平編簡單結實,斜紋立体柔軟,辮仔用作支撐及收口,編出獨特效果,令人嘆為觀止!經典郵差包,方正立體,完全配得上上班族襯衫的專業筆挺穿搭,亦配得上T恤牛仔褲的清新活躍造型, 型格.


  • 牛皮編織籃身30.5cm x 25cm x 9.5cm
  • 聚脂纖維襯裡,前後幅開口內袋
  • 皮搭扣及五金插鎖開關
  • 尼龍單肩帶,可調節由36cm至64cm
  • 訂製顏色: 黑啡 / 藍山 / 綠林
  • 此商品是每個訂製,交貨期約3星期

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